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Professional Lawn Maintenance
We Keep Your Property Maintained

We provide a weekly lawn maintenance for residential, commercial, and home owners associations that are tailored to meet your needs.  Regardless of size, we have the proper equipment and properly trained personnel for your lawn or facility.  Our team of trained, uniformed and knowledgeable employees strive to make sure that your demands, questions and requests are met every time they are on your property.  You can have confidence in approaching anyone at All American Lawn Care, LLC at any time, as there will be no problems in communication with anyone from our management team to the crew members you see from week to week.


Mowing and Trimming

We Will Be There!

Have you ever wondered why your lawn service has not shown up?  You can enjoy a higher level of service with us!

From the beginning, you will see all American Lawn Care, LLC will provide you with better service.  You will build a one-on-one relationship with the crew members on your property from week to week.  We will become so familiar with your lawn, you will not need to worry about the concerns you had when different people showed up every week.  They will know the dips, holes, soft spots, and non-level areas in the lawn and keep your lawn the best of the neighborhood!


Leaf Removal and Seasonal Cleanups

  • We utilize the most efficient equipment in the industry to achieve the best results in the fastest time!
  • We schedule a cleanup as simple or complex as your needs require.
  • We blow out all the areas with leaves into a pile where we have access to come by with our truck equipped with a vacuum.
  • We then vacuum up the leaves and haul them away.  *NO plastic bags or containers left on your property.

Just a relaxing, clean look when you get home.

Fertilization and Weed Control Program
The Program That Protects and Enhances Your Lawn

All American Lawn care, LLC provides a fertilization and week control program on a residential and commercial basis.  We can build a specific program just for the needs of your lawn.  You can set up an appointment to have us come out and walk the property with you and address the areas of concern.  We utilize the latest equipment from top name manufacturers to ensure calibration rates and accuracy in the amount of product used on your lawn.  Also, we only use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Due to recent advancements in technology and ongoing testing, most products that are applied to your lawn are just as safe around pets and children as your common household cleaners.

Power Seeding / Aeration

Power Seeding - The power seeding process can be used to help increase the density of existing turf or for renovating the entire lawn.  This process takes place when the machine cuts a slit into the ground, drops seed in the slit, and then covers the seed back up.  This can be done in the early spring of the year but is recommended to take place in the early fall.

Core Aeration - This is a process that involves pulling a "plug" from the ground to help relieve compaction that has built up in the soil.  This is especially important during a year with low rainfall amounts, high temperatures, or both.  After the "plugs" have been removed, it is a great time for fertilization and over-seeding.  This can be done in the early spring of the year but is most recommended to take place in the early fall.

All of our lawn and landscape beautification and maintenance projects are completed without the use of harmful chemicals, so you can rest easy for the earth while you rest easy knowing you're receiving only the best services in the region.

Landscape Maintenance

Annual Color - We offer seasonal plantings for spring, summer and fall.  We can help you choose the right flower varieties for your location that are sure to add color and season-long beauty to your property and home.

Hedge Trimming - When your bushes, hedges or shrubs need to be cut and shaped, we are here to help.  We can look at the plants with you on-site or come out and give our recommendations.  Not all shrubs require trimming at the same time or should be trimmed the same way.  We will look at your plants and help explain what's the best option, while increasing the curb-appeal and beauty of your home.  Don't forget to freshen up with new mulch after trimmings to protect your plants.

Mulching - When thinking about mulch, it is important to remember that mulch serves multiple purposes.  It should not only accent your plants, home and natural landscape, but you should also consider the effects it has on your plants.  The most common types of mulch are hardwood, cedar, and cypress.  We also offer decorative rock, bark nuggets, pine straw, and more.  All of these options have distinct differences and proper applications.

Hardwood Mulch - This mulch is very popular due to its dark color and lower price.  However, it has the biggest downside from a plant health standpoint.  Due to the way this mulch is processed, its decomposition occurs so rapidly that it ties up nutrients within the soil.  These nutrients cannot be utilized by your landscape plants and can cause soil and health issues.


Cedar or Cypress Mulch - These two mulch varieties provide great protection for plants and also help prevent weeds.  Due to the way they are processed, the mulches become a cover and help prevent weeds from breaking the surface.  Another advantage is color retention.  Cedar and cypress will retain their color three times longer than hardwood.  When the mulch does begin to fade, you simply flip it over and the best look newly mulched again.  This saves you time and money, and increases curb-appeal all year long.

Decorative Rock - This is a great option for homeowners and commercial facilities.  More and more commercial facilities are choosing this option as a way to limit fires from occurring around their building.  Let us help you make your facility safer for all those who enter.



Snow and Ice Management
Professional Snow & Ice Management in
Oldham County and Louisville, KY

All American Lawn Care, LLC offers a professional snow and ice management service for commercial and residential clients.  As a snow and ice management company, we monitor every aspect of the storm for you.  Our preparation begins well in advance of the event and will continue through its entirety, including follow-up service after the storm if weather conditions warrant.

We let you choose the response time to your facility, subdivision or commercial property.  We offer Priority 1 and Priority 2 service to fit your specific needs.  We know we cannot be everywhere first, and most important, we will not tell you that we can.

All American Lawn Care, LLC offers many options when it comes to ice melters. Rock salt (sodium chloride) is not always the right answer.  We offer more than just rock sale to help provide you the best results during the storm.  In addition to rock salt (sodium chloride), we offer magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride and blended products to satisfy your snow and ice management needs.

Rock salt (sodium chloride) is only effective to approximately 18°F and is 5 times less effective at 20°F than at 30°F.  By utilizing other ice melters, we can offer you faster and more efficient melting capacity than other contractors.  By utilizing magnesium and calcium chloride products, we can help maintain a safer environment, thus reducing the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents.

Storm Clean-Up

We can clean up storm damage and haul off all debris.  From the smallest limb to the largest tree . . . No job too small or large.




Fall is a great time to begin the process of turning your yard into a LAWN!  Fall is for Fertilizing!

We can help you eliminate those unsightly weeds currently in your lawn.  If you are tired of the dandelions, clover, crabgrass, and the many other weeds in your lawn, let us help you.

All American Lawn Care, LLC has been in business since 2007.  This longevity is not an accident.  Our memberships include:  The Kentuckiana Lawn Maintenance Association, the Kentucky Turf Grass Council, and the Better Business Bureau.  We are Insured, Licensed and Certified in the state of Kentucky, professionally trained and uniformed employees, and maybe most importantly, we have PRIDE in what we do.


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